Hear no evil. See no evil. Sleep no evil.

When smart shoppers are searching for any big purchase, maybe a computer, or a car, or a cell phone, or a television, you commit to learning about the product. 

You research and compare how it's made and what it's made out from. 

You evaluate the benefits and drawbacks and then make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, the world of online mattresses still relies on a good deal of mysticism and diversion to sell mattresses.

 Trying to find the perfect mattress can be very frustrating. It's hard to tell who to trust.

The Sleep Ninjas Code lays out how we make our business decisions when we design, price, and promote our mattresses. This is our promise to you, the smart shopping consumer. 

Like a cat after a laser except that laser is your comfort, we place great worth on our focus to create the best mattress possible for the least possible price.  

Achieving that goal requires a no-compromise attitude, and we promise to settle for only the best for Sleep Ninjas mattresses and the true sleep warriors who sleep on them. 

Keeping our focus to always be quality-minded, environmentally-sensitive and super competitive, we place every material, process, and effort under a sometimes literal but also sometimes figurative microscope.  

Every fabric or foam that comes through our doors must of the highest quality. 

We choose shippers with a track record of on-time and accurate deliveries with a quick response time.

As the warrior's blades are kept sharp and ready , Sleep Ninjas meticulously expects the very best from both ourselves and our vendors.  

Our main objective is the best night’s sleep for a Sleep Ninjas customer while saving them money.  

This focus may also be defined simply as integrity. 

It is no secret that growth and profit are the carrots that motivate the donkey in the specialty mattress industry. 

 Sleep Ninjas is a family-owned company of mattress professionals spanning multiple generations. 

We don't have marketing teams or big advertising budgets. 

We don't have enough board members and investors to fill the company yacht, which works out since we don't have a company yacht. 

Every company must be profitable but high profits and volumes never drive Sleep Ninjas.   

To return briefly to the donkey metaphor, Sleep Ninjas has less donkeys, but those donkeys are professional donkeys. 

They also require fewer carrots. 

At Sleep Ninjas, we are all internet consumers just like you. 

We hate product distortion. 

We hate wasting our time wading through hype trying to figure out if a product's claims or values are legitimate. 

We hate the disappointment of getting duped into buying things we don't need. 

Sleep Ninjas strongly believes in truth and transparency.  

Here is our promise to you:

Sleep Ninjas will always strive to be lowest cost provider for high quality specialty mattresses anywhere. 

Sleep Ninjas will never fabricate reviews to bring false credibility to the brand.

If Sleep Ninjas makes a product claim, it is supported by scientifically based product testing.                       

Why purchase your next mattress from Sleep Ninjas? 

Because we think and do things the old time way, with hard work, honesty, kept promises and ninja cartoons.   

Because we are a small, self-financed, family-owned and operated business. 

Because we love our work and prioritize attributes like relationships, promises and affordability.

Because our mattresses represent real value, and you really deserve a better night's sleep. 


We put a lot of thought and testing into creating both Sleep Ninjas mattresses so that they provide the contouring pressure relief and spinal support you need to wake every morning refreshed and ready for the day. Continue below to learn about Sleep Ninjas mattresses and see what we mean.


Sleep Ninjas mattresses are built by mattress professionals with several generations of mattress design and manufacturing experience. Continue below to learn about Sleep Ninjas and see pictures of our cat.

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