Restful. Relaxed. Refreshingly Cool Sleep.


Sleep Ninjas Master of Zen Mattress

Indulge your inner warrior with the Master of Zen.

The sun has not yet risen. Outside, brakes squeal. Lumbering trucks rattle toward their destinations. Inboxes everywhere are filling with the days urgent tasks and mindless distractions. Alarms bleat and howl. The hordes don their armor and start the march toward their next objective. In a secluded space beyond the noise and negativity, the Master of Zen slumbers peacefully on. Tranquility reigns. The battlefield is the same, but the warrior is changed. 

The Master of Zen. Designed by sleep artisans with generations of creating an extraordinary sleep experiences at remarkably low prices.

Cooling, Supportive Comfort Crafted for your Sleep and your Checkbook.

Sleep Ninjas Master of Zen Mattress Interior

Sleep Ninjas know how to craft a mattress you'll love at a price you can't resist.

Sleep Ninjas Master of Zen Mattress Cover

Our luxurious white ticking has a lavish touch yet is highly durable. Its stretch and flexibility combine with superb breathability to create nights of cool, fresh sleep. 

Sleep Ninjas Master of Zen Mattress Graphite Gel Foam

2-inch Comfort Layer of Graphite Gel-infused memory foam relieves pressure and evacuates heat up to 700% over conventional memory foam.

Sleep Ninjas Master of Zen Mattress Support Foam

10 inches of Premium 1833 High Resiliency foam provides added orthopedic back support and spinal alignment.

Sleep Ninjas Master of Zen Mattress

The Master of Zen incorporates the latest science-backed technologies to create a COOLER Memory Foam mattress - up to 7 times many others!

The Graphite-Gel infused foam in the Master of Zen offers superior thermal conductivity by combining three highly conductive materials: open-cell high air-flow CoolFlowTM foam, ThermaGelTM, and the super-conducting graphite.

The result enhances the heat flow over regular open-cell visco by 45%, and provides up to 7 times better conductivity than that of conventional memory foam!

Graphite infusion greatly improves heat transfer when the foam is compressed, leading to restricted air-flow, which inhibits convective heat transfer. This is accomplished when graphite and gel particles are compressed closely together, allowing for heat transfer through the particles toward uncompressed parts of the foam where heat can be liberated through convection.

Combining Graphite with Gel significantly enhances the overall thermal conductivity while maintaining the superior support character of gel.

Sleep Ninjas Graphite Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Master of Zen mattress uses a premium blend of CoolFlow™ and ThermalGel™ memory foams infused with highly temperature conductive Graphite.

When Graphite Gel-infused foam is compressed, the temperature regulating gel and the super-conductive graphite create a highly effective pathway for heat to move away from your body and escape by convection.

Sleep Ninjas Graphite Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Cooled by the Power of You!

When you rest on the Master of Zen mattress, compression forces graphite gel particles together. This provides a highly conductive pathway for heat to move away from your body toward uncompressed adjacent foam. The heat is then released by convection.

Additionally, the Master of Zen mattress mixes Thermal Phase Change Materials (TPCMs) with the Graphite Gel and 4 lb. Memory Foam.

TPCMs absorb and release thermal energy in order to maintain a regulated temperature. No electricity or power of any kind is necessary to create a real reduction in temperature. 

Sleep Ninjas Graphite Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Phase Change Materials

Be Advised: Science!

The average skin surface temperature for an awake human is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and may drop up to 5 degrees during sleep. 

Studies have shown that sleep surfaces with temperatures slightly cooler than skin temperature provide the most comfortable and restful sleep.

Upon reaching this ideal sleeping temperature (around 90 degrees), the TPCMs in the Master of Zen mattress undergo an infinitely reversible molecular transformation that draws heat from the sleeper and reduces the temperature of the sleep surface. 

Sleep Ninjas Mattress with Phase Change Materials

Thermal Phase Change Materials start as spheres encapsulating the temperature of the room.

Sleep Ninjas Mattress with Phase Change Materials

When the temperature of the mattress rises from body heat, the TPCMs start to melt. 

Sleep Ninjas Mattress with Phase Change Materials

As the TPCMs melt, they store the heat away from the sleeper for a cooler sleep experience.

Master of Zen Comfort Level

Our Master of Zen mattress is temperature sensitive to provide the best in cool sleep for the discerning memory foam mattress lover.  The Master of Zen mattress adapts to the temperature, shape and weight of each sleepers's body and subtly conforms to every curve providing excellent orthopedic support. Results: cool, relaxing, and restorative sleep night after night after night.

Sleep Ninjas Mattress Firmness Scale

Personal space solitude - worth a million dollars when you don't have it - comes free with every Sleep Ninjas mattress.

Question: what do you do when your partner is moving in and out of bed all night long?

A. Banish them to the frozen wastelands

B. Move their mattress to the bathroom

C. Sleep right through it because your mattress reduces motion transfer

Think three words: personal space solitude. Whether it be little ninjas in training early on a Sunday morning or furry friends who just can't wait to play, your Sleep Ninjas mattress protects your peaceful sleep from the disrupting effects of movement.

Sleep Ninjas No Motion Transfer

Sleep Ninjas Bed in a Box

Compare to the Competition and Save Big!

Sleep Ninjas Mattress with Phase Change Materials


Sleep is one of the most important factors of your health and well-being. Continue here to purchase the Master of Zen mattress and establish the solid foundation that restores your energy, health, and peace of mind.

Full Specs and Fine Print:

  • 100% Made in America, and we mean all of it; the box, bag, cover, foam - every piece of this purchase supports US manufacturers, their employees, their families, and their communities
  • Comfort level: Medium Firm - neither too firm nor too soft
  • Sleep Style: ideal orthopedic support for both back and side sleeper
  • Mattress Height: 12"
  • No-Flip Mattress Design
  • Comfort Layer: 2" 4 lbs. open-cell high air-flow CoolFlowTM fmemory foam, ThermaGelTM, and the super-conducting graphite.
  • Support Layer: High density, support foam absorbs movement and evenly distributes weight of individual sleepers
  • Compatible with all base types, platform frames, adjustable base, and traditional foundations and box springs (fyi - all mattresses need center support, ours included)
  • Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Return: No returns, but here's why: (1) Our mattress is better than the companies you're comparing us to.(2) It has an awesome warranty, if there are any defects, you're covered for 10 years.(3) We don’t load the cost of returns into our selling price. When you purchase some other company’s mattress, you are basically paying for their returns.
  • Fire Retardant Liner: meets all federal fire retardant safety standards without the use of chemicals
  • The Master of Zen is made fresh to order and ships straight from the factory in around 5 business days.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified to be made from the best eco-friendly foam available.
  • Made without ozone depleters 
  • Made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 pars per million)