Exactly what’s in a Sleep Ninjas Mattress???

What secrets lie hidden within our Sleep Ninjas mattresses? Where does the magic come from when daytime stress and anxiety is replaced with peace and calm and rest?

Though some mattresses may be built with a similar look and feel, but Sleep Ninjas mattresses create a special level of personal luxury and body support designed for almost every sleepers comfort and checkbook.

Luxury Top Cushion

The pleasure you get when you first lie down on our mattress is a result of the specific foams used in the top cushion layer above the core support system. 

Sleep Ninjas uses two types of cutting-edge luxury cushioning foams, each designed to provide heightened cushioning for a more restful sleep. We offer two Luxury Top mattress choices.  

The Master of Zen gives supreme pressure-reduction by conforming to each body curve using advanced Graphite Gel.  

This combines with new, innovative Thermal Phase Change Materials allow countless nights of cool, relaxing sleep.  

The Sleepjutsu Luxury Top Cushion is engineered with the state-of-the-art patented EnergexTM.  

This is a latex-like material providing all the comfort benefits and resiliency of real latex but without the allergy issues latex sometimes bring.  

Every inch of our luxury top foam is Certi-PUR US certified.

Body Support

The support layer of both  Sleep Ninjas mattresses are among the very best in our industry.  Our all-foam support core is a premium 1.8 Density and certified Certi-PUR US. Regardless of your sleep position or body shape, you will benefit from excellent back support and lasting durability. 


Adjustable Base

An electro-mechanical or manual bed frame construction that permits the raising and lowering of the head and/or foot portions of the mattress.

Sleep Ninjas mattresses are compatible with all conventional adjustable bases. 


Bed Frame

A metal or wood frame with legs used to support a mattress and foundation.  Conventional height is 7-1/4 inches and the low-profile version is 5-3/4 inches when measured from the floor to the bottom of the foundation.  A headboard and/or footboard can usually be attached with optional available  brackets. 

Sleep Ninjas mattresses (and all other mattresses) should be used on a bed frame with a center support. Center support bed frames aid even weight distribution, prevent mattress distortion and sag, and prolong the life of your mattress.

Body Impressions

Indentations occurring on the surface of a mattress over life of the mattress.  This is a result of materials breaking down or compressing over time by the sleeper (s). 


The degree to which the mattress responds to pressure and transfers energy back in the direction that pressure was applied. Responsiveness and bounce are closely related.. Visco-elastic (Memory foam) mattresses generally have a lower degree of bounce because they absorb energy instead of returning it.  

The Sleep Ninjas Sleepjutsu mattress uses EnergexTM, a USA-made latex-like material as its Luxury Top Cushion Layer and is considered  bounce-moderate, energetic, and lively.

Box Spring

Also referred to as a “foundation.” A base for any type mattress, consisting of coils or other forms of springs mounted on a wood or metal frame and secured with a wire-interlaced or welded-wire grid, topped with upholstery and insulating materials (felt, urethane or other resilient materials), and covered on the top and sides with ticking and on the bottom with a dust cover.   

SLEEP NINJAS suggests this type of foundation because its construction allows superior distribution of each sleepers body shape, size, and sleep position.  Note: care must be taken when using an aged foundation.  The product must be in perfect condition, no exposed springs or sag.


Cal 117

California Technical Bulletin 117 requires a vertical flame testing procedure for all bedding and furniture component materials. Foam referred to as “Cal 117 foam” has passed this test.  (See Fire Retardant).  

All Sleep Ninjas mattresses are 100% made in the USA and are Cal 117 legal.

Chemical (which cause concern)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has expressed concern about select chemicals that raise "serious environmental or health concerns" or may present an "unreasonable risk of injury to health and the environment." Some of these chemicals are environmentally persistent, toxic and can build up in your body over time.  Chemicals flagged by the EPA include: phthalates and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). Each 

Sleep Ninjas mattresses are certified by Cert-PUR-US to be free of any chemical named as concerning.

Certi-PUR US

A certification program administered by a non-profit organization which assures qualified foams contain no ozone depleters,  PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthates, and less than .5 parts per million VOC emmisions for indoor air quality.  

Sleep Ninjas restricts its polyurethane foam suppliers exclusively to Certi-PUR-US certified producerg.


Occurs as the mattress surface shapes naturally to each curve of the sleeper's body.  This interaction helps in reducing pressure points against the skin, which increase tossing and turning (fitful sleep).  

Sleep Ninjas offers the Master of Zen as a superb contouring mattress using new Graphite Gel-infused Memory Foam as a cooling, temperature-sensitive which gently conforms and cradles the bod.


An outdated and commonly deceptive foam construction featuring a configuration of peaks and valleys. This originated as a cost-saving method of producing two pieces of foam for about the same cost as one solid piece.  In the beginning, consumers were gullible in accepting a false story as to its benefits.  Unless the construction is medically-approved, this product is another way mattress sellers mislead and deceive consumers.  

Sleep Ninjas mattress do not employ this bogus ‘egg-crate’ foam technology in any product, and we never will.

Cornell Test

A quality test designed to test cosmetic performance of mattresses.  Performance analytics, such as body impression or support firmness are provided to improve the comfort and durability of the mattress.   Two round surfaces are pounded into the finished product 100,000 times and checked periodically for failure or changes.  

All Sleep Ninjas mattresses have undergone this evaluation and passed in addition to other dynamic tests.



A measurement of the mass (weight) per unit (cubic) volume. Measured and expressed in pounds per cubic foot (pcf) density is one of the most important of properties of foam. Density is a function of both the chemistry used to produce the foam and additives included in the foam formula. It affects foam’s durability and support. The rule is the higher the density, the better the foam will retain its original properties and provide the designed and sought-after support and comfort.  Sleep Ninjas cooling Graphite Gel Memory Foam is 4 lbs, our USA-made latex-like foam is 5 lbs.  All of our mattresses use 1.8 density support foam.(see PCF)


Euro-top Mattress

Extra padding layered on top of a mattress to provide additional softness. Euro tops are like pillow tops, except that they are sewn to sit flush on top of the mattress. Both Sleep Ninjas mattresses provide a premium surface design featuring a 2-inch  heightened, cushioned treatment.  This contains soft and resilient comfort layers and is attached to the mattress upholstery at the tape-edge.


Fabric Cover

Textile material also known as “ticking” or mattress fabric.  Sleep Ninjas fashionable white cover has a raised, sculptured effect which, combined with its stretching capabilities, yield a pressure-reducing, surface with a luxurious ‘hand’.


A description of how much resistance, when compressed, the mattress responds with.  Firmness should not be confused with comfort which is best gauged by the degree of surface plushness.  Also, firmness should never be equated to ‘hardness’.  Body weight, shape, spine curvature and sleeping position are major factors when determining individual firmness needs.  Each Sleep Ninjas foam mattress is designed to be medium-firm because reliable research indicates this is the preferred mode for most people. (see Support)

Fire Retardant

An application or material which is applied or covers a mattress to reduce its flammability. In the United States, All mattresses made and sold in the USA and sold since 2007 have been required to meet specific flammability standards.  Sleep Ninjas has been in strict conformance with every flammability standard from the 2007 mandate.


A material made from polyurethane or latex. Foam can provide a wide range of comfort levels, from cloud-like plush to floor-like firm. (See Polyurethane)


Any base used to support a mattress.  Flat foundations, made of steel, wood, plastic or foam, many times force the mattress to perform beyond its designed level.  Sleep Ninjas always suggests that true innerspring foundations  be used with our mattress products.  The individual springs within the box spring offer added personal comfort by dispersing the sleeper’s body weight in a more finite and form-fitting manner.  Be careful to never confuse a wood foundation with a box spring.  


Gel Foam

Generally, this is defined as an improved visco-elastic foam which allows body heat to dissipate.  Also known as ‘gel-infused foam’, this product was originally used in medical products to help prevent decubitus ulcers.  Our Sleep Ninjas Master of Zen mattress contains 2 inches of Graphite Gel-infused Memory Foam to promote long,-lasting and cool nights of healthful sleep.



The response to the senses transferred from a material to the person as the hand lightly rubs over the surface.  The covers of both Sleep Ninjas mattresses are luxury-soft with a sculptured, textured white surface.

High-Contour Mattress

Must be 12 inches or more in height to be considered high-profile or high-contour.   Mattresses under 10 inches thick are considered standard. Each Sleep Ninjas mattress achieves a 12-inch profile due to the increased Comfort Cushioning and Body Support incorporated into the build-up.


 Polyurethane foam with a density of 1.8 or greater.



An abbreviation for Indentation Deflection Force which is used to identify the firmness level of polyurethane foam. IDF is determined when a standard size block of polyurethane foam is placed within an indenter machine and compressed. The IDF rating is then metered by measuring the amount of force or weight is required to compress the foam by 25%.  The more force required, the firmer the foam is.  Measurements may range from 10 pounds (super-soft) to 80 pounds (very firm).. Low scores are recognized as degrees of softness; high scores hardness. Also referred to as ILD (Indention Load Reflection) and IFD (Indention Force Deflection).





Natural latex is a flexible foam originating from the serum collected from ducts below the bark of the rubber tree.  After the sap is harvested, it is processed in a centrifuge and water is dispersed.  The remaining liquid is then poured into a mold and baked. It is generally only available within about 700 miles of the equator.  Synthetic latex is man-made and produced using petro-chemicals. 



A product made to sleep on.  It consists of various resilient components  and is covered with an outer material, commonly known as ‘ticking’.  The word mattress emanates from the Arabic word ‘matrah,” derived from the word taraha meaning ‘to throw down’. This is thought to reference nomadic cultures that  traveled with their bedding and threw it down on the ground or floor at night.

Memory Foam

Also known as visco-elastic foam. It is an open-celled foam which responds to the weight and heat of your body and relieves pressure. This product is available in many thicknesses, densities, and different levels of softness and firmness.  The Sleep Ninjas Master of Zen Memory Foam mattress features state-of-the-art visco-elastic infused with Graphite Gel to dissipate body heat and create a cool, body-conforming environment.

Motion Transfer

Motion or movement transfer is the amount of energy transferred from one side of the mattress to other.  All mattresses by Sleep Ninjas provide motion-free sleep by use of Graphite Gel Memory Foam or EnergexTM latex-like comfort cushioning.



See Density

Phase Change Material

 PCMs are organic and inorganic compounds that store and release heat as they melt and solidify at certain temperatures.  This is also known as latent heat storage.   The mattress industry uses microencapsulated phase change material technology in foams.  Thermal Phase Change Material is the Memory Foam component of choice by Sleep Ninjas in the mattress Master of Zen. The thermal phase change materials in the Master of Zen mattress 

Polyurethane Foam

A flexible, durable and resilient material used in a variety of products for cushioning. 

Pressure Relief

The attribute of a mattress in relieving pressure on your body. Mattresses produce upward pressure, as your body exerts downward pressure through gravity. Where the two meet, After prolonged pressure, blood circulation is reduced. Signals sent from the brain to adjust their position cause sleepers to toss and turn, interrupting restful sleep cycles such as REM (Rapid Eye Movement).



The liveliness of a mattress surface and its ability to spring back to its original shape. This is also described as "springiness’ or ‘bounce’.  The Sleep Ninjas mattress, Sleepjutsu is engineered with EnergexTM, latex alternative, offering luxury cushioning while providing just enough ‘bounce’.

Rollator Test

An approximately 230 lb., six-sided roller is passed across a sleep set to determine the structural strengths or weaknesses of the set and components (i.e., foam or quilt failure, breaking of helicals and coils).  The industry standard to duplicate the life of a mattress is 100,000 passes.  Each Sleep Ninjas mattress undergoes a battery of performance evaluations, including the Rollator test.


Sleep Ninjas

A highly experienced and family run mattress company that provides exceptional mattress at discount prices. 


A sought-after benefit which seeks to emulate the natural curvature of the spine.  Factors such as gravity, weight, body shape and sleep position must be considered when selecting the proper mattress. Support should never be confused with firmness. 


Urethane Foam

Synthetic, chemically foamed flexible urethane is used for mattress manufacturing.



A statement by a manufacturer that relates what the maker will do in the event of a defect in the material or workmanship.  This action is expressed by using the date your mattress was purchased and, using a formula to determine the repair/replace policy your mattress will qualify for. 



The ultimate goal of all your hard work mattress shopping and comparing.